Emergency Services


Fire & Ambulance

Emergency number for the hearing impaired   1-800-342-4357
Hudson Valley Poison Center   1-800-336-699

Emergency Services Questionnaire - March 2011

Town-wide Recorded Emergency Phone Number

The Town has established a RECORDED emergency information phone number as part of the update to the Town Emergency Response Plan. If there is an extreme weather situation, a very large accident or another type of LARGE emergency event, you can dial 756-6600 to learn if there are any specific instructions for you to follow as a resident of the Town.

Do not confuse this number with 911; only a recorded message will be found on 756-6600, you cannot leave a message or ask for help. If there is a busy signal, just dial again in a few minutes.

Emergency Management

Officer: Alan VanWormer
Home phone   518 756-7685
Cell Phone   518 365-4479
Fax   518-756-8965
E-Mail   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Fire Departments (non emergency)

Cornell Hook & Ladder
High Rock Road Police
Cornell Hook & Ladder
Gill Road
Medway Grapeville
Route 51


Greene County Sheriff/New Baltimore Satellite Substation   756-3300
State Police/Coxsackie Satellite   731-2333
Medway Grapeville
Route 51
Poison Center   1-800-222-1222
Hudson Valley Poison Center:    

Non-Emergency numbers

Back up number for all Fire & Ambulance   622-3643
For personal Ambulance services see the Yellow Pages