Hunting License

Hunting Licenses
License year - October 1 through September 30.

Training required

Hunting - small game, big game, muzzleloading requires a previous hunting license or hunter education certificate.

Trapping - trapping or junior trapping requires a previous trapping license or trapper education course.
Bowhunting - bowhunting or junior archery requires both hunting (see above) and bowhunting training.

Residency Requirements

1.) New York State residents are entitled to combination, junior trapping, senior, or individual resident  licenses.

a) DMV license identification
b) Affidavit plus criteria (where do you vote?)

2.) Non-residents can purchase only non-resident licenses, except for junior archery and junior hunting  licenses

3.)Junior archery and junior hunting provide the same privilege at same price to both residents and non-residents.
Fees: Amount Description

$5.00 Senior Sportsman age 65 or military disability* (40% or greater)

16.00 Small game

Small & big game

16.00 Trapping

16.00 Bowhunting (big game license req’d)

16.00 Muzzleloading (big game license req’d)

Small game, big game and fishing/Sportsman *

Fishing, small game, big game, bowhunting, muzzleloading and turkey permit/Super Sportsman*

Non-resident fees:

40.00 Season

25.00 7 day license ( must be consecutive)

15.00 One day

37.00 Sportsman

6.00 Jr. Trapping (under 16)

9.00 Jr. Archery (14 - 15 years)

250.00 Hunting, fishing, bowhunting, muzzleloading and turkey permit/Non-resident Super Sportsman*

55.00 Small game with gun or bow*

110.00 Deer with gun, muzzleloader, or bow with proof of bow ed.*

110.00 Deer only with a bow*

110.00 Deer only with a muzzleloader*

30.00 Bear only*

30.00 Wild turkey only*

*See NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Hunting & Trapping Guide