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October 8, 2012

One and Two Family Homes (new homes and additions)   $25 per 100 sq. ft. floor area
Non residential or Combined Use   $35 per 100 sq. ft. floor area
Utilities (permitted towers, substations, etc.)   $1,500 up to 3,000 sq. ft
    $35 per 100 sq. ft. over 3,000 sq. ft.
Renovations (where building permit is required)   $150
Garages   $20 per 100 sq. ft. floor area
Decks and Porches    $75
Chimneys, Wood Stoves and Gas Heaters   $40
Mobile Homes – Single   $150
Mobile Homes – Double Wide   $225
Demolition Permits   $75
Swimming Pools - Above Ground    $60
Swimming Pools – In Ground   $100
144 sq. ft. & up to 300 sq. ft.
Over 300 sq. ft.


$20 per 100 sq. ft. floor
Septic Systems – New
(Professional Engineering Perc Test and Design Required
by New York State Department of Health)
  No Fee
Septic System Replacement or Repair   $40

Sewer Hookup to Town Sewer District:
Hookup and Inspection
Sewer Repair Inspection


Fitting (if needed)    $30


Culverts Under Driveways (Highway Dept. Inspection)   $35
Culverts Across Roads (Highway Dept. Inspection)   $100


Planned Development District Apoplication Fee (Includes 10 Acres)
Over 10 and Under 25 Acres
Over 25 and Under 50 Acres
Over 50 Acres

(Conservation lands will be excluded for the acreage calculations)

Amendments to the Planned Development District




Add $125/Acre

Add $100/Acre
Add $75/Acre



One-half of the Original Fee

Special Use Permit or Variance – Non Commercial   $40
Special Use Permit or Variance – Commercial Use
Renewable Special Use Permit or Variance - Commercial Use

$100 Per Renewal
Any other annual town fees associated with the commercial use of the property will be waived upon payment of the fee for a Renewable Use Permit or Variance

Site Plan Review
Up to 10 Acres
More than 10 Acres and Less than 25
More than 25 Acres and
Less than 50
More than 50 Acres
(Undeveloped lands will be excluded from the acreage calculations)

Renewal Fees





One-Half of the Original Fee
Subdivision Application – Minor Subdivision   $30 per lot
Subdivision Application – Major Subdivisions 

  $100 plus $30 per lot  for initial application;
$50 plus $10 per lot for Final Plat approval

Building Permit Renewal     ½ original permit cost
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy   $10
Certificate of Occupancy Search/Prior to Zoning    $15
Certified Copies/Genealogy Searches   $10
Photocopies, Letter or Legal   $.25/page
Park Usage (day usage)     $25 plus a refundable $25 deposit
(returned to applicant if park is left in good  condition following inspection)
After 90 days cash deposits will not be refundable.
Festivals or Public Gatherings    $5
Beer Permit   $20

Dog Licenses

Spayed or Neutered        Â

Unspayed or Unneutered
Late fee if not renewed within 30 days of expiration
Tag Replacement Fee





Signs subject to Sign Ordinance

Fee will be waived if sign permit is part of a site plan approval



Billboards   $50

Photocopies, Letter or Legal

Copies of Electronic Media CD

Copies of Engineering Prings