License year - October 1 through September 30.

Training required

Hunting - small game, big game, muzzleloading requires a previous hunting license or hunter education certificate.
Trapping - trapping or junior trapping requires a previous trapping license or trapper education course.
Bowhunting - bowhunting or junior archery requires both hunting (see above) and bowhunting training.

Residency Requirements:

  1. New York State residents are entitled to combination, junior trapping, senior, or individual resident licenses.
    1. DMV license identification
    2. Affidavit plus criteria (where do you vote?)
  2. Non-residents can purchase only non-resident licenses, except for junior archery and junior hunting  licenses
  3. Junior archery and junior hunting provide the same privilege at same price to both residents and non-residents.

Fees: pdf NYS DEC License Price Sheet (160 KB)

Amount Description
$5.00 Senior Annual Hunting, age 70+ or military disability* (40% or greater)
5.00 Adolescent Annual Hunting (ages 12-15)
22.00 Regular Annual Hunting (small and big game)
20.00 Trapping
5.00 Adolescent and Senior Trapping (ages 12-15 and 70+)
15.00 Bowhunting (Regular Annual Hunting license req’d)
15.00 Muzzleloading (Regular Annual Hunting license req’d)
10.00 Deer Management Permit
** Replacement Tags

Non-resident fees:

Amount Description
100.00 Regular Hunting
15.00 Bow Hunting
30.00 Muzzleloading
5.00 Jr. Trapping (12-15 years)
4.00 Jr. Bow Hunting (12 - 15 years)
20.00 Turkey Permit
10.00 Deer Management Permit (No fee ages 12-15)
** Replacement Tags

*See NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Hunting & Trapping Guide

**Need replacements for lost or destroyed tag/permit? Please fill out the  pdf Application for a Replacement Carcass Tag (52 KB) form.
Fees vary depending on tag or permit needed.